Calacatta is the warmest white marble in the world.





Name Calacatta
Country of Origin Italy
Types Available Blocks , slabs , tiles , modultiles , cut to size
Color White with nice gold veins
Application Flooring, Wall Cladding, table , bathroom


Calacatta Price


The price of Calacatta  is increasing because of the large demand, we can guarantee that  Marmi di Carrara can offer always the best price of the market because from quarry directly in our stockyard and factories.

Calacatta Tile

Tiles of Statuario Venato are used for floor , wall cladding , cut to size project and special uses by the best architect of the world.

Calacatta  Slab

In our factory we can cut in our gang saw the slabs 20 , 30 , 40 mm th and above. We can make massive bathtub , sinks countertop , vanity.

sponda , michelangelo , caldia , oro , gold , calcuta , calacatta , borghini , vagli , vision , bluette , luna , altissimo , cremo luccicoso , calacatta bore.

Big grain , Cloudy ,Fine grain ,Flowery Marmoreal ,Middle grain ,Slightly veined ,Spotted ,Stripped Veined ,Very veined ,Wave like .

Mat , Orange’s peel effect , Rough effect ,Shiny Velvety effect.

Fairly uniform , Not uniform ,Uniform ,Very uniform.

Dark , Light , Very dark ,Very light .

Antique , Antique wax , Brushed , Bushhammered , Chiselled ,Diamond cut , Flamed , Grained ,Hand chiselled ,Honed, Machine striped , Polished , Rough, Sandblasted ,Sawn ,Scratched ,Splitted ,Splitted and partly honed ,Tumbled .


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